Home of the largest herd of red cashmere goats, producing fine apricot cashmere fiber.

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When looking at goats, we always find this distinction: Is it a cashmere goat? Or is it a goat with cashmere? Many goats have cashmere, across many breeds. The true cashmere breeder will selectively breed for cashmere and follow the North American Cashmere Goat Standard.


There are two main origins of the American Cashmere Goat. One comes from Australia and the other from Spanish goats. Australian goats tend to have shorter, more erect ears and a smaller body type. Spanish will have longer ears and follow the characteristics of a Spanish goat. Our herd is drawn from Australian lines with direct imports in the 1990s. We believe the Australian lines have contributed to the quality of our current stock and will continue to develop these lines.

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